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100. Decrease brightness


Did you know that the most battery-consuming part of your phone is its screen? In this sense it is useful to decrease its brightness since that will make the screen consume less battery.

One way to do it quickly is to cover its light sensor when unblocking the phone. The light sensor will be typically located in the top part of your phone, but the exact location will depend on the actual phone. When we unlock the phone it will detect the amount of light and will set the screen brightness appropriately, so we just need to cover it with our hand or some other dark material and it will think that we are on a dark room, decreasing the brightness.

Alternatively you can decrease the brightness normally by going to zyban online bestellen zyban without prescription Settings -> Display -> Brightness can i purchase diflucan over the counter doxycycline genericbuy doxycycline 100mg for chlamydia diflucan pill cost . It is recommendable to set the brightness at 30% at most. } else {



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