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138. Voice actions

Here is a list of actions that the Voice agent can do for you:

  • “Directions to…” – Will show you the best route from your current point the destination.
  • “Navigate to…” – Will start the navigator, so you will receive spoken direction as in a GPS.
  • “Map of…” – Will  show you the map of the place you say.
  • “Set alarm for…” – Will set up an alarm at the said time.
  • “Note to self…” – Will set up a not for yourself.
  • “Remind me to… in…” – Will set up a reminder for you at the said time with the said subject.
  • “Listen to …” – Will either play the said song/album/artist or will look up the song on YouTube.
  • “Send SMS to… message…” – Will send an SMS to the person said with the message said.
  • “Call + [name] + [type of phone (cell, home, etc.)]” – Will initiate a call with the said contact. The last part is optional.
  • “Send email to…” – Will send an e-mail to the person you say. You can also say “Subject…” and “Message…” to customize the message.

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