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Monthly archives: March 2012

34. Show traffic layer

Recently, Google has introduced the Layers diflucan one costfluconazole price walgreens doxycycline generic listbuy doxycycline 50 mg feature into Google Maps, which provides additional useful info on top of a map. One especially useful layer is the traffic one. Activating the traffic layer can be very useful when planning the best route to take in order to go to work or maybe to go home. This feature, however, is still [...]

9. Define writing shortcuts

Imagine that you write the word “Mississipi buy doxycycline tablets from chemistdoxycycline prescription cost ” very often, or the phrase “Meet you at the cafe” every now and then. You can define shortcuts to avoid writing the whole word or phrase every time! For example you can define that when you write “mss” it will mean “Mississpi” or that “myc” will mean “Meet you at the cafe”. To add a [...]