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Category archives: Contacts

62. Show only contacts with phone number

The contacts list of Android shows ALL sorts of contacts we have in our phone, this includes regular phone contacts, e-mail contacts and sometimes even facebook contacts (friends). The annoying part of this is that we almost all times use the contacts list to search a phone, since we have other ways to deal with other kinds of contacts. Luckily for us, there is a way to show only contacts [...]

61. Navigate easily through contacts

It is common to accumulate a big list of contacts on your phone since we tend not to delete any contacts but instead just keep adding more. In this situation it can be a little tricky to search for a contact if we want to navigate straight to it. To navigate more easily just tap and hold on the right scroll bar and move your finger up and down, you [...]

60. Individual ringtones

Did you know that you can set individual ringtones to each one of your contacts? This can be handy when you want to identify a particular caller, maybe because it is crucial to answer him or because you must not answer him by any means. To set a ringtone to a particular contact open diflucan cost cvs cost of doxycycline in canadabuying doxycycline in india order diflucan overnight Contacts, then [...]

59.Quick dial shortcut

This is one of the most useful built-in Android widgets. You can add a handy shortcut to your main screen to directly dial a contact’s number or send a SMS to him. To add the widget, proceed as explained in tip 41 and select either the direct dial or direct SMS widget and then select the contact to bind it with. You can also place a shortcut to a contact [...]