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Category archives: Google Now

140. More searches

Here is a list of more things that you can do with the agent: You can get updated information on flights. If you say “[company] [flight number]” it will display information about that flight (e. g. can i buy zyban over the counter buy zyban online uk “United 453”). Alternatively you can just ask questions like: “When does American Airlines flight 1 arrive” or “is American Airlines flight 1 on [...]

139. Voice searches

Here is a list of things you can have the agent search for you: Say the name of a team to get its last results (e. g. “Atlanta Hawks”). “Pictures of…” – Will show you a bunch of pictures about that. “Movie [location] [movie name]” – Will look up movie times in theaters near you. “Weather” or “Weather [location]” – Will show weather information. cheap orlistat tabletscheap xenical tablets “Define…” [...]

138. Voice actions

Here is a list of actions that the Voice agent can do for you: “Directions to…” – Will show you the best route from your current point the destination. “Navigate to…” – Will start the navigator, so you will receive spoken direction as in a GPS. “Map of…” – Will  show you the map of the place you say. “Set alarm for…” – Will set up an alarm at the [...]

137. Set language on Voice Search

Voice Search is not only available on English, it is now available in a bunch of languages like Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, etc. So if you live in a non-english speaking country you can still use Voice Search to your like! To select your preferred language open Google Now or Voice Search, press the Menu button on your phone then Settings -> Voice -> Language diflucan for saleprice of diflucan 150 [...]

136. Get information about your favorite teams

As said in the previous tips, Google Now will learn from your habits and tastes. One way for him to learn is by watching what you search on Google. One particular case of this is the Sports card that will look for team names in your searches, so just search your favorite teams a couple of times on Google and you will start getting updated information about how they are [...]

135. Set Home and Work location

Another thing you should do if you plan on using Google Now actively is to set your Home and Work locations. Google Now will realize when you want to go home or work and show you a card with travel time considering current traffic. To set up your locations open Google Now and go to Settings -> Google Now -> Traffic and set your address in buy doxycycline powderorder doxycycline [...]

134. Select cards that interest you

Google Now will learn your habits and tastes and will keep you informed of relevant events by displaying cards. There are all sorts of cards like weather, sports, traffic, etc. If you are planning on using Google Now actively and want to achieve a good experience you should take the time to enable the cards that most interest you and disable the others so that you only get relevant information [...]