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Category archives: Listening to Music

94. Custom ringtones in 2.3

In Android 2.3, the process of setting up a custom song as ringtone is easier; however your notification and alarm tones cannot be customized. Simply open the song you want to use in the Music buy diflucan 150 mg buy doxycycline for malariais doxycycline a generic drug cheapest diflucan native app, tap the menu button and finally tap on Use as ringtone. There are plenty of third party apps (try [...]

93. Custom ring, notification and alarm tones

This tip will show how to use your own songs as ring, notifications or alarm tones, so that you can further customize your phone. First you will need to plug your phone to a computer using an USB cable and activate the transfer file mode in your phone (you will be prompted to do so). Now, in the computer open the phone disk and look for the media folder (you [...]

92. Unplug to pause

You should know that when you unplug the headphones form Android phone, Music pauses automatically. So, from now on, when you arrive to your workplace and you unplug the headphones, you are done! Don’t waste your time by manually pausing the music. diflucan online australiadiflucan purchase online