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Category archives: Mail and Calendar

31. Change the week start day

Different countries and cultures consider the start of the week on different days. For instance, most Americans consider Sunday the start of the week, while most Europeans consider it to be Monday. If your calendar is configured to start the week in a day different from what you are used to, just change it! Open the calendar and then tap on the menu button, now tap on Settings diflucan overnight [...]

30. Hide some calendars

By default, the calendar app syncs with all the calendars we have in our account, and shows them all too. However, it is possible that we want to hide some of them, especially if we tend to add calendar events for anything that we have to do. To hide some calendars, open the calendar app, tap the menu button and then price for diflucanfluconazole sale doxycycline salebuy doxycycline online uk [...]

29. Add shortcut to GMail label

One of the great things of GMail is the ability to label e-mails, resulting in a much cleaner organization of our e-mail base (that usually is very big since people tend not to delete e-mails). Some labels are predefined such as buy fluconazole australiadiflucan order online Starred or Important, and other can be created. Android includes a very cool widget to add a shortcut to one of these labels, so [...]

28. Mark e-mail as unread

diflucan retail pricediflucan order average price for doxycyclinedoxycycline generic Although it may seem contradictory, it is very common to mark an e-mail as unread after reading it. People do this a lot to remind themselves that they have to process it at some point, that they want to show it to someone, etc. Marking an e-mail as unread is as simple as tapping on the left-most icon of the bottom [...]

27. Swipe to read next e-mail

When you are reading an e-mail you can just swipe it to your left or right to open the next or previous e-mail. Great when you have a big list of consecutive e-mails to read, it will save you the time of going back to the inbox to open the next e-mail! cheapest diflucanbuy diflucan walmart document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

26. Mute an e-mail conversation

Let’s say that you are in the middle of an e-mail chain formed by a hundred people. It is pretty likely that you will soon get fed up of it and will want to stop receiving more e-mails from this chain. In cases like this, the best bet is to mute the conversation so that GMail will ignore future e-mails from the chain. To mute a conversation, tap on the [...]

25. Quickly save as draft

It is very good to be able to write e-mails from our phone, however it may happen that sometimes we need to leave one e-mail half-written and resume its redaction later. We can achieve this by saving a doxycycline cost increase 2013doxycycline hyclate cost increase draft diflucan generic branddiflucan pill cost of the e-mail, so that we can access it later. Saving an e-mail we are redacting as a draft [...]

24. E-mail address auto complete

This is a pretty nice feature that makes sending an e-mail much faster! It is usual not to remember how other people e-mail addresses are exactly spelled, usually we remember more or less how it is, or the beginning of it. The GMail app helps us out by suggesting possible e-mail addresses when we start writing one in the To: buy doxycycline for malariadoxycycline cost at walgreens fluconazole diflucan pricebuy [...]

23. Write e-mail using an alias

It is common to have multiple e-mail addresses: A personal one, one from work, etc. Usually we have a main account, such as a GMail one, with some aliases, so that when sending an e-mail we can choose which address to use. With the GMail app, sending an e-mail using an alias is straightforward, just tap on the buy diflucan usa buy doxycycline pillsdoxycycline cost without insurance diflucan price uk [...]

22. Add a GMail account

Although you can add any sort of account to your phone, Android, not surprisingly, makes it much easier to add a GMail account. To add a new GMail account, open the GMail app and tap on the menu button, then tap on Settings and on Add Account doxycycline cost increasebuy doxycycline chlamydia price for fluconazolepurchase diflucan in the top right corner. Finally follow the instructions and you will have your [...]