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Category archives: Mail and Calendar

21. Add additional accounts

You can add multiple e-mail and calendar accounts independently of the e-mail provider (Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). To add a new account go to Settings -> diflucan online ukbuy generic diflucan doxycycline 20 mg costbuy doxycycline for humans Accounts & Sync and tap on Add Account. To add an e-mail account that is not GMail, the best option is to use “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” if your phone includes it, or regular [...]

20. Make “Reply All” default

By default, the GMail app is configured to show the option Reply as default when wanting to reply an e-mail. This means that you will only send the reply to the sender of the e-mail but not the “CCs”. This, however, does not reflect properly how people usually make use of the e-mail, since when we are involved in a multi-way conversation we almost always want to reply to all [...]

19. Eliminate GMail notifications sound

If you are one of those people that receive tons of e-mail every day, you may be already fed up of the phone ringing each time you receive an e-mail. The problem is that you don’t want to silence the phone because you want to be aware of entering calls! The solution is to turn off the sound of e-mail notifications. Open the GMail app and make sure you are [...]

18. Change e-mail signature

As you may have noticed, when you send an e-mail with your phone, it is possible that at the end of the e-mail it says “Sended from my phone” or something like that. That is the signature you have configured by default in you GMail app. If you want to remove this text, or maybe change it for your contact data or even for some funny sentence, open the GMail [...]