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Category archives: Miscellaneous

133. Which song is this one?

Ever made this question while listening to the radio? Now Android includes a native widget to discover which song is being played! This is the same function as Shazam, but without having to install any 3 price of diflucan at walmart doxycycline costwhere to purchase doxycycline generic diflucan walgreens rd party software. Search for the Sound Search widget as explained in tip 41 and add it somewhere accessible so that [...]

132. Test phone parts

If you feel that some part of your phone (screen, vibration, etc.) is not working properly, you can automatically run some tests on it to check whether everything is working fine or not. Below is a list of the parts that you can test and the code you have to dial: Touchscreen: *#2664# Vibration: *#0842# doxycycline hyclate cost increasedoxycycline generic brands buy fluconazole 50mghow to buy diflucan online Melody: *#0673# [...]

131. Connect to internet through your phone 2

On some devices you can also connect to the internet through your phone by converting it in a portable WiFi hotspot. With that you don’t need to connect the phone to fluconazole purchasefluconazole sale the computer, you will use a standard WiFi connection through your phone. Go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Tethering & Portable hotspot and tap on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Then configure the name of the [...]

130. Connect to internet through your phone 1

Did you know that you can connect your computer to the internet through the data connection of your phone? This can be really useful when you don’t have a cable or WiFi connection but still need to connect your computer to the internet. One way to achieve this is by connecting your phone to the computer using a USB cable. The first step is to connect the phone, then go [...]

129. Testing screen

Dial *#*#4636#*#* (4636 = info) to open the Testing or Info screen. From this screen you will be able to examine some advanced information, such as details about the battery (voltage, temperature, technology, etc.), Wi-Fi configuration, Wi-Fi status, etc. Also you will see how much time you have been using your phone’s app, which is at least interesting to know. Play around with this screen to see some doxycycline where [...]

128. BlueStacks Cloud

Recently a new service called BlueStacks Cloud ( has been launched. This service will basically let you use your phone’s apps in your computer! Very useful for messaging apps for instance. Note, however, that currently only a limited set of apps is supported, although they work on making as much apps as possible available through the service. You will need to download an app for your phone and another for [...]

127. Android Easter Egg

This tip is a fun one! Go to Settings -> About Phone and tap multiple times quickly in where to buy diflucan onlinediflucan 100 mg price Android Version. Surprise! Moreover, in Android 4.1 tap and hold on the character that appears and get surprised again! var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

126. Check out your Android Version

Still don’t know which Android version you have? You can check it out from Settings -> About Phone, it will show up under Android Version. doxycycline purchase onlinegeneric doxycycline online Also, check out if you have a new Android version available by tapping on generic fluconazole pricebuy diflucan pill System Updates. When Android rolls out a new version it will appear here, although the appearing time will depend on your [...]

125. Flash lantern

Did you know that you can use your phone as a lantern? Pretty convenient when you are in the dark and need to search something around you for instance. Android does not provide this feature natively (although some manufacturers may include it), but there are plenty of third party apps out there that will make the job, just search for “torch” in the market and install any of them! The [...]

124. Phone special features

Each manufacturer puts its special touch to his phones by providing a set of unique special features. This will be different for each provider, so just google for your phone model and find out! Samsung, for instance, in the new Samsung Galaxy SIII includes a Smart Stay buy doxycycline malaria tabletsdoxycycline can you buy over counter feature that will detect when you are and are not looking at the phone [...]