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Category archives: Organize and General Usage

44. Get rid of annoying notifications

fluconazole generic equivalentbuy diflucan fluconazole doxycycline 20 mg genericdoxycycline cost boots Most apps in Android send notifications, what means that most likely you will receive a lot of notifications which are completely irrelevant for you. Luckily, new versions of Android include a way to get rid of an individual notification, just swipe it away and it will disappear! You can either swipe them right or left, whatever you prefer. document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, [...]

43. Move apps around

To move an app or a widget, simply tap and hold on the icon or widget and then drag and drop it to the new empty slot where you want to place it. Also, when moving the icon, a couple of options will appear in the top of the screen: cheapest diflucancan i purchase diflucan over the counter generic form of doxycyclinedoxycycline cheap online zyban generic online zyban Remove and [...]

42. Create folders

A recommendable way to organize your apps, especially when you have a lot, is to use folders. For example you can create a “Games” folder and put all your games there, or a “Photos” folder and do the same. Folders will make your main screens look more organized and will ease the search for apps. To create a folder, tap and hold on an app in one of your main [...]

41. Add widgets

Widgets are an excellent way of adding cool features to your phone. Widgets are usually placed on any of your main screens and they let your access specific things quickly (such as quick dial, GMail label, etc.) or maybe have some info displayed (like the weather and calendar widgets). To see which widgets you have available open the apps list and click on the order diflucan overnightcheap diflucan online Widgets [...]

40. Recently used apps

This is a very useful feature that will let you quickly switch between different apps or open an app you have recently used by showing a list of the recently used apps. Tap and hold on the can you order diflucan online doxycycline price gougingbuy doxycycline online overnight can i purchase diflucan over the counter Home button to open this list. On some devices, the actual button may differ. For [...]

39. Tap and hold for extra features

Almost all phone buttons and keys in Android devices have a different functionality when taping and when taping and holding. For example, in some devices taping and holding the Home diflucan cost canadamail order diflucan doxycycline salebuy doxycycline 500mg button will show the recently used apps, while solely taping will return to the main screen. Make sure to try out all your device’s buttons to find out what they can [...]

38. Take a screenshot

Ever wondered how you can take a screenshot of your Android phone? This is certainly very useful for developers, but also for users that want to share something interesting or even to help when trying to solve technical difficulties. How to take a screenshot actually depends on the specific phone you have. In some phones it can be done by pressing the Volume Down generic doxycycline onlineorder doxycycline hyclate online [...]