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Category archives: Pictures and Videos

77. Silly faces

This one is a funny tip. The latest versions of Android include a feature to deform faces and create funny effects. To activate this feature, open the diflucan generic costdiflucan cost at walgreens cheap doxycycline ukgeneric form of doxycycline Camera in record mode, then tap on the Settings icon and then on the icon which is a square divided in four parts, some of them filled in and others with [...]

76. Quickly show last pictures

In the latest versions of Android you can easily see the last taken pictures by swiping your finger from right to left. This feature can become very handy when you need to remember if you took the picture of something or to see if you need to repeat a picture. In Android 4.1 when you are viewing the last pictures taken you can even zoom out to make the row [...]

75. Don’t store location

By default, Android will save the location where pictures are taken. This way, it will show up when you post the picture to facebook for instance. If you want to disable this, so that no info about where a picture has been taken will be saved, open the Camera app, tap on the doxycycline buy online canadabuy doxycycline boots Settings icon, tap on the left-most icon and finally disable the [...]

74. Lower pictures resolution

If you are going to post on facebook or send by message most of the pictures you take, it is a good idea to lower the resolution of the camera since the default resolution can be too large diflucan to buy ukdiflucan 100 mg price producing files too large to send or post. To lower the resolution, open the Camera app, then tap on the Settings icon (the left-most one), [...]

73. Clean the camera lens regularly

Camera lens from most devices are sensitive to dirt and oil from the environment and from our fingerprints. Therefore it is recommendable to clean the lens regularly with a dry cloth. Not cleaning the lens enough can become in foggy pictures.