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Category archives: Recovery

110. Boot in safe mode

If you are having trouble with a third party app and are unable to properly boot your phone (for instance, because it restarts all the time after booting), you will need to boot in cost of diflucan doxycycline hyclate for saledoxycycline cheap online cheap diflucan online Safe Mode to remove the app or find out what’s the problem. Within Safe Mode, no third party app is loaded, so you can [...]

109. Clear app data

If you feel than an app has stop working properly or smoothly, you can try clearing its data and cache. However, think twice before doing since all data will be lost, including any progress made if the app is a game. Go to buy vibramycin doxycyclineprice for doxycycline Settings -> Apps diflucan on salediflucan online australia , select the app that does not work well and tap Clear Cache and [...]

108. Soft reset the phone

Although this should never happen, at some point the phone can freeze and not respond to any of our actions. In this case there is no much to do, the only option is to restart the phone. How do you reboot actually depends on the phone. HTC Desire/Nexus One: Press & Hold the Power doxycycline price at walgreensdoxycycline generic cost button, Volume Down key and the Trackpad/Trackball at the same [...]

107. Restart Network Connections

If you are getting bad signal connection, either data or standard signal, when there is apparently no reason to, you can restart all network connections to try to solve the issue. To quickly restart network connections, turn on buy doxycycline antibiotics onlinedoxycycline prescription cost Airplane Mode and turn it off again, this will shut down all connections and start them again. Go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Airplane [...]