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Category archives: Save Battery

106. Turn off network notification

If you want to save some battery when using a WiFi connection you can disable the Network notification option. By disabling this option Android will stop looking for networks to which you can connect, and it will stop notifying you when he finds an open network. Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi then press the Menu button on your phone -> buy diflucan in canadafluconazole price cvs doxycycline purchase ukdoxycycline hyclate [...]

105. Restrict background data

Some apps make use of your data connection even when they run on the background; this is the case of Google Play or GMail for instance. While this certainly provides benefits, since the apps can keep you informed of important events, such as the reception of an e-mail, it also has two main drawbacks, one being the data consumption and the other being the battery consumption. If you want, you [...]

104. Disable auto-sync

As we have seen in tip 21, you can add multiple accounts of multiple sorts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to be managed by Android. However, this process of managing includes continuously synchronizing the accounts with your phone, which can consume a considerable amount of battery if you have a number of accounts. So, if you want to boost the duration of the battery you can disable the Auto-sync feature for some [...]

103. Disable 3G

If, at some point, you need to save battery as much as possible, and you can pass without a strong data connection, a safe bet is to disable 3G and rather use 2G. This will considerably reduce battery consumption. To turn off 3G and use 2G instead, go to buy diflucan online cheapdiflucan price Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> Use only 2G networks. purchase doxycycline 100mgpurchase [...]

102. Exit current app before locking the phone

From now on, take this as a rule of thumb: “Always close current app when locking the phone” doxycycline pills for salebuy doxycycline for chlamydia By closing the current app, we mean just pressing the Home diflucan online prescriptionbuy fluconazole cheap button in order to return to the main screen. It’s not really an effort and it will avoid the app to keep running while the phone is locked, saving [...]

101. Turn off Bluetooth

This is a quick one! If you are not using Bluetooth, disable it in order to save some battery! Go to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth fluconazole generic branddiflucan for sale online doxycycline hyclate 100mg genericcost doxycycline tablets to be able to disable it. Bluetooth can be very useful sometimes to transfer files from one phone to another or maybe to receive something from a computer but we should make [...]

100. Decrease brightness

Did you know that the most battery-consuming part of your phone is its screen? In this sense it is useful to decrease its brightness since that will make the screen consume less battery. One way to do it quickly is to cover its light sensor when unblocking the phone. The light sensor will be typically located in the top part of your phone, but the exact location will depend on [...]

99. Turn off animations

Animations are another feature that consumes quite a lot of battery. Sure they are cool, but deactivating them can be a very good option when we need to longer the duration of the battery. Go to doxycycline can you buy over counterorder doxycycline canada Settings -> Developer options  and, on the Window  animation scale and Transition animation scale options select Animation off diflucan buy online ukfluconazole price cvs . d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

98. See running processes

As you may know, when you close doxycycline overnight deliverydoxycycline 200 mg price an app in Android (by returning to the Home screen, for instance), you actually don’t quit it, instead it keeps running in the background. Therefore, it can be useful to see what running processes you have in the background and take any action that you consider necessary. To see the current running process go to Settings -> [...]

97. Turn off GPS localization

One component that drains a lot of battery is the GPS. So if you don’t need to have exact localization you may replace GPS localization by network localization. Is going to be less accurate but it will make your battery last longer. Go to Settings -> Location services buy fluconazole cheapcost of diflucan at cvs doxycycline cheap onlinecost of doxycycline in canada and uncheck GPS. Also, check Use network if [...]