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Category archives: Security

118. Factory reset

diflucan cost cvs doxycycline online pharmacy canadadoxycycline to buy in uk diflucan where can i buy it This is just for when your phone gest completely messed up and you need to return back to the factory state of your phone. You can factory reset your phone by introducing the following code: *2767*3855#. Be careful, and use this tip under your responsibility, since this can potentially damage your phone permanently, [...]

117. Quick back-up your media files

Some phones allow making a back-up of all the media files (music, photo, video, etc.) by just introducing the following code: *#*#273283*255*663282*#*#. Dial it in the dial screen and press doxycycline hyclate for salewhere to purchase doxycycline Call cost of diflucan 150 mgcost of diflucan at cvs . A screen will show up with the option to make the back-up. Note that this tip won’t work on every phone; in [...]

116. Control your data usage

Although mobile plans are tending to stop having limits on data usage, the majority of plans still fix a limit, usually of 200Mb or so. Therefore, you should look out your data consumption to make sure that you don’t consume all in the first 5 days of the month and spend the rest of the month with a very slow connection. To see how much you have consumed so far [...]

115. Find your phone

At this point, Android does not offer any native application to find your phone if you lose it. However, there are some 3 diflucan retail priceget diflucan online cheapest doxycycline tabletsdoxycycline 100mg buy online zyban generic order zyban rd party apps around that will make the job. You can use, for instance, Mobile defense which will help you locate your phone in case you lose it or if it gets [...]

114. Back-up regularly

It is strongly recommended to back your data app regularly. You have several ways of doing this. One way is to connect your phone to your computer and just copy everything in some safe place. Another way is to use a 3 diflucan pill online generic doxycycline shortagedoxycycline 100mg tablet price diflucan cost walgreens rd party app, such as MyBackup. Additionally, you can enable regular back-ups of some data, such [...]

113. Set up a pattern lock

The first security measure that you should take, and you should take it immediately after start using your phone, is to activate a pattern lock. This will set a pattern that will need to be drawn in order to unlock the phone. In case your phone gets stolen, it will avoid them using it. To set up a pattern lock, go to Settings -> Security -> Pattern lock purchase diflucan [...]

112. Disable data roaming

When travelling abroad, you should make sure that Data Roaming is disabled in your phone, unless you have a roaming plan that you are conscious of. Otherwise, depending in the carrier, you can get surprised with your next phone bill. To disable data roaming go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks and disable Data Roaming. It is recommendable to also uncheck how to buy diflucan online buy [...]

111. Write down your phone’s IMEI

The IMEI is a piece of data that will be crucial in case your phone gets stolen or lost and you denounce to police. It is very recommendable to write down this number in some safe place. To view the IMEI number you can go to Settings -> About Phone -> Status..